Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I lied. Funeral With a View is NOT dead. Oh, the irony.

Afternoon, all. Been a while since I posted much of anything. Truth be told, I haven't had much to say. But don't mistake my silence for lack of activity. Oh no, no, no! There's been plenty of activity...off and on.

When last I wrote anything in my little corner of the blogosphere, I went on a long diatribe about my work in progress, Funeral With a View, going so far as to infer that I'd dragged it into the street and shot it like a lame horse, or was well on my way to doing so.

Time and some distance did a world of good for the book, my attitude toward it, and my feelings on writing as a whole. I started delving back into it in March, and as of right now, my rewrites have reached the last 15 to 20% of the novel. Most of the 'bugs' have been ironed out, and while the portion of the book I'm currently at gets a bit sticky, I know what I need to do and how to go about doing it. Now all that's left is the actual 'doing'. Duh, right?

"Time is a luxury you do not have, Admiral Kirk."

I know what ya mean, Kahn. Trust me, I do.

Life's been interesting these past couple months. Toddlers, and car accidents, and health issues, oh my! It hasn't been easy trying to juggle all that's going on while fixing FWAV, thus why it's taking so long to 'get 'er done'. Then of course there's working a 9 to 5, finding time to sleep and live life...you know, the small stuff. But I'll tell you this: when I complete this thing, not only will I be proud of it, I'll feel as if there's not much I can't do in the world of writing as long as I put my mind to it. So all the spare time I've sweated this thing, the hours of reading, rereading, rewriting, and rewriting again? It'll be time well spent.

So, when will it be out? Summer-ish, maybe sooner if I can swing it. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I won't publish it until I'm happy. One of the best things about this 'do it yourself' type of publishing is that there are no deadlines other than those I impose upon myself. Not always the best for cranking stories out at a rapid pace, but considering I'm my own worst critic, it gives me plenty of time to get things right.

Now that that's all been said, I can tell you Mr. Roy Mauritsen will soon be working on my cover. Very excited to see what he comes up with. As the man behind the covers for Ghosts of Demons Past and Words With Fiends, I'm confident that he'll knock Funeral With a View's cover out of the park. You'll all be the first ones to know when it's ready.

That's all I've got for today.

Until next time (and here's hoping it's not another four months between posts...hehe),
See ya 'round the interwebz.
M. J. S.



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    1. You and me both, Belinda. It's gonna be groovy in a far out way I tell ya!