Sunday, April 14, 2013

Anybody interested in a snippet?

Afternoon!  Yes, it's me again.  I have to say that lest someone think my evil doppelganger has hijacked my blog.  Then again, this could be the very doppelganger pulling a clever ruse.  You may never know.

So, we're nearing the time when my editor will get her hands on my upcoming novel.  To say that I'm excited in the extreme would be an understatement.  The book entering the final editing phase means it's just that much closer to being put out into the world.  My first full length book!  I can't friggin' wait.  I'm also awaiting a cover which is in the works as I type this.  Based on other covers my artist has done previously and the image we're running with, I think it's going to melt some the best way possible of course.

So, where's that snippet I promised up in that there subject heading?  Here it is!  It's very short so you may consider it a teaser.  If anything, it'll give you a glimpse into my writing style (or lack thereof..HA HA!).  Who knows. If enough people leave some replies to this post (HINT HINT!) I may just let a few more teasers trickle out as the book's release date (as yet to be determined based on how long the editing back and forth takes--I'll give a more solid date when I'm confident of when it'll be) nears!

So, without any further ado, here's the tail end of a scene from my Seth Gabriel novel:

“It’s been a hell of a day,” I said, offering her my hand. “Do a shot with me?”
Jamie took my hand and stood up next to me. She wiped the tears from her eyes, brushed the hair out of her face, and shook her head. At least she was smiling.
“Is tequila your answer to everything?” she said.
“It’s worked for me so far.”
I paused. “No. But hey, when life gives you lemons, may as well drink tequila.”
“Or Corona.”
“The stuff’s piss water.”
“What makes you an expert?”
“I’m a dude which makes me an expert on two subjects: alcohol and porn."

So, there it is.  As I said, just a little peek into the life of one Seth Gabriel during his maiden literary voyage.
Hope you dig it and that it leaves you clamoring (yes, I said clamoring) for more!

Until next time, stay frosty and be well.  Or be frosty and stay well.  Either works! 


  1. Sounds like you should hurry and finish this so I can read it.

    1. Working on it ;) Just waiting on the editor at this point..well, that and the cover =D

  2. Corona's not piss water. Coors Light is.

    1. I like Corona too. But Seth isn't me ;)